Aston Villa vs Leicester Live Stream 3 Dec 2021

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He has his own ideas about football and wants to know everything about our game model, our strategy for specific matches, why we decide to pick certain players over others and when we choose to adapt the dynamics. In fact, he was still playing for Lech Poznan in his homeland as he approached his 22nd birthday and took time to settle at Dortmund. That intelligence requires a lot of concentration. If that sounds like this is all about Lewandowski adjusting to the level of inferior teammates, that is not the whole story. The guy was already at the top but the challenge was to involve him in the process to make others develop their skills together. He is very intelligent and he picks up these ideas very quickly. That intelligence to adapt to the situation has underscored Lewandowski's growth as a player. It is only when you work with him on a daily basis that you understand his mindset regarding football and his life. He still had the will to do something. But there was a frustration too, having had an uneasy relationship with some of his former coaches. The Portuguese has invested a lot in communication and sports psychology and wanted to bring out a new side to the striker. We had a private meeting in my office, and I told him, 'You have got to share the spotlight with your teammates because if you don't, they won't grow … As a result, you probably won't be able to win another scoring title.' Michael's reaction was surprisingly pragmatic, 'Okay, you know me. The way he sees the game in each moment, it is different to the others, especially the timing of his decisions, the analysis, he needs to adapt to the timing of the others and understand that. It is the feeling that he has in every moment, all of his movements, and the timing of those movements. At Bayern, he is perfectly in synch with the forward runs of Thomas Muller. Robert always listens intently when we have these tactical discussions with the team before matches and we are doing the analysis of ourselves and of our opponents. His wife Anna is a famed nutritionist, a world-class karate expert with a degree in physical education. The timing that he has with his players at Bayern Munich is not going to be the same for the national team. We started to involve him more in the process. What Sousa soon found, perhaps unsurprisingly given that Lewandowski has turned himself into one of the world's best players through will as well as skill, is that he has a keen mind. It was amazing and it was always in my mind with Robert. The initial conversation had been over the telephone, establishing that Lewandowski still had big ambitions with Poland. A paucity of ambition to the play combined with sky high expectations on him as an individual made for an uncomfortable mix. He has learned to anticipate when his wingers will shoot - requiring him to close down the goalkeeper looking for the rebound - and when they will cross to the near post or the far. But while our idea is to be very aggressive and win the ball back as quickly as possible, we will have a different strategy for every game, which means inputting certain dynamics. Our defensive organisation, our attacking organisation, set pieces, and what happens in transition when we win the ball and when we lose the ball. How To Watch Aston Villa vs Leicester When: Sunday at p.m. ET Where: Villa Park TV: Hulu Follow: NHL Ticket Cost: $117.50